Understand Dyslexia in 30 Minutes

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This easy course is for anyone who wants to understand Dyslexia in a short amount of time. The complexities of Dyslexia are broken down and explained in simple terms. The course can be completed in 20-30 minutes.




This low cost, high-value, easy to complete online course for parents & teachers will answer the questions you have been asking about Dyslexia. It explains the causes and different types of Dyslexia, the importance of early screening & identification, the best way to teach Dyslexics to read and describes the many strengths of Dyslexics.

2 reviews for Understand Dyslexia in 30 Minutes

  1. Georgia Carney (verified owner)

    Excellent course!! Very informative. Helpful for parents of kids with dyslexia as well as friends and family who want to learn more. Highly recommend!

  2. Cathy Neasmith (verified owner)

    What an incredible website – I love that you have made the online course so accessible and easy to work through. Your interactive quizzes are really engaging and have made my journey into better understanding dyslexia an enjoyable one. Highly recommend.

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